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Lady Thomas Tryon


Thomas Tryon

Published October 1st 1987
ISBN : 9780440146605
Mass Market Paperback
352 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

I wrote in my review of The Other that Tryon gave life to his small towns. With Lady he may have mastered it. Set in the same Pequots Landing as The Other and perhaps a few years later (no mention is made of the Perry family, however), Lady is Thomas Tryons answer to Dandelion Wine. It is a novel full of not only nostalgia, but of reflections on growing up and coming to understand the humanity of our idols.Tryon became famous as a writer through his horror novels but he stakes his claim to a higher standard, and succeeds, in a way that many of his contemporaries and followers have been unable to.Lady, published in 1974, portrays the small Connecticut town in a way that only could have been published in the seventies. Tryon brings up issues of race and class, reflects and merges the contemporary changing times with the shift in America during the Depression up to World War II, and includes an implicit lesbian couple as residents of the town.Though Tryon would return a few times to horror, I believe he found his true gift with Lady, with his careful attention to period details and multifaceted characters and from-the-life humor and sadness, he could create beauty.