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The Pretty How Town Nicolas Freeling

The Pretty How Town

Nicolas Freeling

Published 1992
ISBN : 9780356205564
218 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Liked it against my will, about halfway through.The beginning is dominated by the extravagant personality of the British civil servant who later admits killing his wife. Lots of sentences without subjects, what. Kind of man who talks that way. Compulsively witty and allusive. Tiring, this sort of thing. Wearing on the brain, trying to the patience. Bleah. Know the sort of thing I mean?And yet Freeling pulls it out at the end, the trial scene is most interesting, in spite of detailed reflections on the physical appearance of the women who are prosecutor, judge, defense attorney. Dont have that right, of course -- in the Belgian system all the terms are different. Cant be bothered to go back and check. Rather like Harold who cant be bothered to defend himself either...No, Im being quite unfair, he has an excellent reason for fessing up, and it is probably the most genuine part of the book.Not sure if I will do more Castang or not.