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Sussp 1985 Proceedings, Laser Plasma Interactions Meredith Hooper

Sussp 1985 Proceedings, Laser Plasma Interactions

Meredith Hooper

Published January 1st 1987
ISBN : 9780905945125
385 pages
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 About the Book 

This monograph, written by three of the most senior and internationally respected Japanese fusion scientists, presents a self-consistent picture of turbulent transport, structural formation and transitions-processes that are typical of re physics of many far from equilibrium systems such as exist in magnetically confined and inhomogeneous plasmas.The Authors view is that the plasma structure, fluctuations and turbulent transport are continually regulating each other and, in addition, that re structural formation and structural transition of plasmas are typical of the physics of far from equilibrium systems. The book presents and explains why the plasma inhonogenety is the ordering parameter governing transport and how self-sustained fluctuations can be driven through subcritical exotation even beyond linear stability. In addition, the authors derive the non-linear gradient-flux relation with the result that asymmetry arising from the fluctuations allows mixing of the various kinds of fluxes. This emphasses the ever important role that electromagnetic fields play in inducing long range couplings and bifurcations in To illustrate, a transport simulation of a high temperature current fusion experiment like JET-the Joint European Torushelps us to understand various structural such as the H-mode.With the insight that structural formation in high temperature plasmas is fundamental to an accurate description of the basic phenomena that occur in our present cosmos, the authors provide a comprehensive account of the subject to help fusion researchers, fluid dynamicists and astrophysicists alike. The book addresses a key to understanding the old question of what has occurred early stage ofthe our universe and what likely to occur in the final stage of our universe.