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The Phisher Alan Dean Foster

The Phisher

Alan Dean Foster

Kindle Edition
106 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Ever wonder about who sends you those emails that promise you half of an African kings legacy, or a lottery win in Spain, or plead for money to help a woman dying of cancer in Cameroon? Forced into composing and sending such phishing emails by the chaoic and hopeless economy of Nigeria, young Alex Sam barely survived the attentions of greedy businessmen, corrupt officials, and sadistic police long enough to successfully emigrate to the United States. This is his story.Learn how educated but poverty-stricken Africans survive through phishing and how they deal with local cops. See how various scams target the suseptible and follow one especially complex setup to learn how it operates. Find out where the money goes and how it is distributed. Immerse yourself in the actual world of the African phisher, where even international news media cannot penetrate.