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Textbook Murders Joe Albanese

Textbook Murders

Joe Albanese

Published April 20th 2005
ISBN : 9780595349685
208 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

The chanters had formed four rings around a clearing they had made. In the nucleus, eerily lit by the hundred or so candles, were two formations made of what looked from afar to be made of granite. It took Jeremy a moment to figure out that they were tombstones made up to look like coffins. Possibly, once, these were sold as headstones to be placed over a grave. Both of the granite coffins were together on an elevated square on which words had been carved into. Probably the names of the departed. But it what was lying on the headpieces now that caused Jeremy to gawk almost like Sheraton had. After their success in Mystery Without Any Clues, lovers Jeremy Baker and Sheraton Rogers are not having the well-deserved vacation they promised themselves. When bizarre occurrences begin to happen at an isolated all-boys school, Jeremy and Sheraton start investigating--only to discover that everyone involved is in danger. Besides the eerie behavior of the students, the increasingly eccentric staff members, a mix of the supernatural, and a shocking murder prove anything but relaxing for the duo. While meeting all sorts of characters--both funny and dangerous--they remain determined to uncover the identity of the killer.